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We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
Loading issues appear when you have a project with many pages or cards with many images on.

Example - a project with over 20 pages and images on each page.

Break your projects in smaller pieces - fewer pages per project.

Use save as to save a project under a different name.
ie: certificate project 1 can be saved as certificate project 2 with SAVE AS when you manually change student names.
You will have 2 projects that you can customize and download for print.

To avoid losing your data, Login/register before you start a project.
Save it with a name.
you will find it in MY PROJECTS

As you add new pages see PREVIEW | NEW PAGE +  keep using the Save button.
The Print button will convert your project file data into a PDF file. The conversion may take longer if it has many pages heavy with data and images.

Wait a few minutes. If you think the screen froze, use the Back button and open your saved project again from My Saved Projects.
Remove large size image files and re-upload resized images of up to 1 MB each.

Before using MERGE, read the whole instruction page that basically says:
For Certificates, Letterhead, Brochures, Greeting Cards, 4 up Note Cards, 4 up post cards, use up to 20 pages per 1 project. To get faster exports use 10-15 pages.

For Mailing labels (30/page) use 5 pages max or 150 mailing addresses.

For Business Cards, Place cards and RSVP Cards, use 5 pages per project.
Make sure your pictures and logos are less than 1 MB - resize them to be up to 100 KB.

Remember, the bigger the data the slower the page load!

When you SAVE your file, wait until you see the message that the file was saved.
If you logout or close the screen your file will lose elements and will not load the lost data in the PDF