Use Templates

Use the template of your choice by selecting one from left menu TEMPLATES.
Double-click in the text box to edit the existing text. Increase the text box length if you plan on lengthy text, especially with Merge.
You may change the position of text boxes, shapes, lines, images.
Move one or more elements by selecting the boxes and using the keyboard arrows.
Remove certain elements - images, word art or even textboxes - click - delete.
Change fonts, font sizes or color.
Do this by selecting the text in the box you plan on editing. You may replace existing images - click on image - Delete button Top menu or using keys.
Add lines, Clip Art and Word Art from the left panel.
Upload an image from your computer - max 2 MB.
Use Merge after you have designed the final template or add new pages to customize it.
New page will duplicate the template.
Use save as often as possible so you preserve your work.

See images attached. All images open in a new tab.